Joel Goodman
May 24, 2010
Hello, JoAnn! Thanks so much for recommending us to your friend. I certainly wish Toni well. Perhaps she could put together her own Humor First Aid Kit from our HUMOResources on-line bookstore. You mentioned Norman Cousins-- we are delighted to honor him posthumously and post-humorously with the L.O.L. (Legacy of Laughter) Award at our June 11-13, 2010 international humor conference (see "humor conference" on our Web site). Norman opened up so many eyes, minds, and hearts to the humor-health connection. 
May 20, 2010
Hi Joel, Just recommended the Humor Project to a dear friend recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Told Toni all about you & Norman Cousins. No doubt the Humor Project will be a great source of Joy for her journey. Keep up the mirthful work! 
Joel Goodman
May 15, 2010
Dear Wendy, Hello! Thanks for your interest...have fun with your Ph.D. program! Feel free to request a copy of our 2010 Humor Sourcebook-- pages 8-9 have some great humor resources for you. You might also be interested in our June 11-13 international humor conference-- it's the best place in the world to connect with kindred spirits interested in the positive power of humor and laughter. One of our sessions focuses specifically on mirthful medical research. I would also be glad to put you in touch with other research and resources for your Ph.D. program. Jest wishes, Joel 
Wendy Wyatt
May 13, 2010
I am a PhD student at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and I am studying Laughter as Medicine. I expect the study will take me three years. I have just begun my work. I am happy to find The Humor Project, I am sure it will offer some interesting insight. Thanks! 
Joel Goodman
April 27, 2010
Hello, Denise! Thanks so much for your interest from Down Under! I would be glad to explore the program and presenter possibilities with you. Our Speakers Bureau has presented to more than 3 million people world-wide. We sent a team of three keynoters to a conference in Sydney several years ago... and would welcome a chance to return. As you know, humor (or humoUr) is truly a Universal language... I have had the good fortune now to do presentations on all seven continents-- Australia, Antarctica, Asia, Africa... and those that don't begin with the letter A. :) I'll be in touch... 
Denise Smith
April 27, 2010
What is the chance of getting a speaker to come to a high school in Sydney Australia?
The opportunity to have a speaker address my staff, student leaders and senior students is one that excites me because "we sure need some humour in this place" ... everyone is so serious and we are entering winter.
Are there home spun speakers that 'do the thing' in Oz; are there globe-trotters who set down in this wonderful country and look for gigs?
Joel Goodman
March 13, 2010
Dear Sally, Thanks for your kind words! With Spring jest one week away (on the calendar), we're ready for it (in reality)! We're also looking forward to celebrating April as National Humor Month! Any month that includes April 1 (April Fool's Day) and April 15 (tax day-- the other April Fool's Day) has got to be National Humor Month! 
Sally Diane Franz
March 10, 2010
This site is just looking better and better. Congrats, Joel. Hope it is melting up there in Upstate. Brrrr! 
Mark DiMartino
March 3, 2010
February 23rd marked three years since my mother died. She had developed Alzheimers and it progressed quickly. Being 100% Polish she enjoyed the jokes as long as they were "clean". She especially liked the one about the traffic jam on the NYS thruway in 1978 when all the Poles fromm Buffalo, Cleveland and Chicago were on their way to Rome to see Pope John Paul II begin his Papacy. For those unfamiliar with NYS geography, there is a Rome, NY
My mother's birthday was on Groundhogs Day and didn't she always see her shadow! 
Joel Goodman
February 28, 2010
Dear Lisa, Hello! I am sorry to hear about your dad... but glad that he has a caring daughter like you! Perchance you can create a "humor first aid kit" for him that he can draw from when he needs a "shot-in-the-arm." Feel free to go to the HUMOResources link above for some ideas on how to put a smile on his face (literally and figuratively). With support and smiles... 
Lisa Blake
February 27, 2010
A friend told me about this project. My dad was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and I am trying to figure out how to incorporate laughter into his life to help keep his immune system healthy especially during treatments. If anyone has suggestions, I would be truly grateful. 
February 25, 2010
Nice job on the GuestBook! 
Joel Goodman
February 22, 2010
Hi, Lynn! We're delighted that you have discovered us! Our LAUGHING MATTERS e-zine reaches tens of thousands throughout the U.S. and abroad... proving Jim Boren's notion that "Laughter has no accent!" Be sure to register by March 1 to receive the lowest price... we'll look forward to seeing you in June! 
Lynn Keeler
February 21, 2010
I have just discovered the Humor Project Inc. and Laughing Matters, I am looking forward to learning more and attending the conference in Silver Bay in June. 
Joel Goodman
February 16, 2010
Jason... you are so right! Humor is both a sign of mental health... and also enhances our mental health. Humor is like mental floss! 
Joel Goodman
February 16, 2010
Hi, Shirley... I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's passing. Bibliotherapy is great... so is humor therapy. If you combine the two, it's even more delightful and powerful. Why not put together your own "humor first aid kit" with books of your favorite humorists, cartoon collections, etc. 
Jason Turner, CPSS
February 16, 2010
Being diagnosed with a Bipolar complex, and working with other pp with a MI, I have utilized humor for over 20 yrs to cope and recover. A group I lead, at a MH Clinic, is based on the challenging and assistive ways that laughter can make a huge difference; if someone does not laugh, I'll work harder - but if that same person will smile... 
Shirley Wright
February 15, 2010
I am reading my way out of a deep depression over the loss of my best friend (my mother) the psychologists refer to this activity as "bibliotherapy" It is helping. 
Joel Goodman
February 11, 2010
Hello, Dale! Great to hear from you! You are certainly a glutton for funishment-- you attended our week-long workshop three times! I'm delighted to hear that the program is also a funderful memory for your family. Hope you can join us again... we have folks coming from Alaska to this year's June 11-13 conference. 
Dale Rosene
February 9, 2010
You will probably remember that I, along with my wife Barb, and son Brady and daughter Emily are all graduates of the Humor Creativity and Magic workshops at Sagamore. They were some of the best times of our lives.
My son has gone on to be a chef, while my daughter teaches special education in Alaska. I just retired, but will be taking a group of 65 students to Alaska for the 21st year. Hope to make it back to a gathering some day. 
Joel Goodman
February 1, 2010
To Bob (January 14): I'm glad that you are enjoying your visit with us! I encourage folks to join us in sending donations and support to the people in Haiti as they deal with a very unfunny situation that is not a laughing matter. 
Joel Goodman
February 1, 2010
To Deborah (January 12): Thank you for your kind words about the Toronto conference 20+ years ago! I send you my best wishes and jest wishes as you deal with your current challenges! I thought you would be especially interested in the funtastic, spirit-lifting humor resources available in our on-line bookstore (see our Web site and click on HUMOResources). 
Joel Goodman
February 1, 2010
To Lee (January 11): You are a blast from the past (40+ years)! It's wonderful that you are inviting humor and smiles in your work at hospice! I thought you might be especially interested in the pioneering work of Leslie Gibson, R.N.-- she has created a Smile Team in her hospice (Leslie will be speaking at our June 11-13 international humor conference). 
Joel Goodman
February 1, 2010
To Carmen (January 9): Thanks for your kind words about our Web site! I encourage you to bookmark it and visit regularly-- every day, we have new articles, interviews with renowned humorists, tips, and Laffirmations to help you "make sense of humor." 
Joel Goodman
February 1, 2010
To Dorothy (January 8)-- I am glad you're enjoying our hot-off-the-press 2010 Humor Sourcebook that we mailed in January! Even though you have retired, it is clear that you have not retired your sense of humor. Good for you! 
Joel Goodman
February 1, 2010
Happy Ground Hog's Day tomorrow! Thanks mucho to all of you who have been visiting our Web site and contributing to our Guestbook! I will be responding to recent entries. To Johnathan (December 10)-- Thanks for your kind words about the 3 presentations I did at your hospital on "Jest for the Health of It: Taking Your Job Seriously and Yourself Lightly." What wonderful audiences! I really appreciate Phyllis' wonderful work with our Speakers Bureau in setting up the arrangements for the programs. Laughter is the jest medicine! 
Bob Hiller
January 14, 2010
Enjoying the guestbook and website quite a bit. Everyone have a good day today. People in Haiti: Hold is on the way !! 
Deborah Hoffman
January 12, 2010
Hi Joel Goodman. We first got acquainted in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Conference on the Power of Laughter & Play held at the Sheraton Centre. I was there on scholarship from Stanford University and a conference participant. That must have been in 1988 or 1989. I remember plenty of gossip and rumours about Big Bird and Jeri Jewell. I moved back home to the USA in the 1990's, and here we are in the year 2010! You are truly a great educator and I hope to find a way to do some work with you again. Most likely teleconferencing or via email. I'm spending my time doing some creative writing, short stories and some brief essays. I'm disabled now with COPD and living with cancer, relying on a battery operated power chair for mobility. Let's keep in touch. 
Lee McCuistion
January 11, 2010
Hey Joel, thanks for keeping up with me via mail. Regards to David. I work for a Hospice in the Texas hill country. I use humor daily in my work and my goal is to make a patient and/or co- worker smile. Cheers-Lee 
January 9, 2010
I find your website, to
be very helpful and inspiring. I do so
want to improve upon my good sense of
humor. I believe your website can do that
for me. Thank you so much! Carmen 
If you would like to see older guestbook entries stored in "the attic," click here.

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