April 8, 1999
Did you come across any put-down humor this week? If so, what did it involve, and how did you respond? 
Jim Giamotti
April 8, 1999
In some situations where I sense the put-down humor toward me to be in fun, I can respond with an observation that "I'm just a 'human bean' in the 'chilli' of life." I will then welcome any flatulence humor so that I am not inclined to "take gas." 
Pat McClellan
April 9, 1999
I'm 68 yrs. old and mentioned that I needed more memory (on my computer). Someone asked if it was a cure for alzheimers. I thought it was hysterical. Sometimes, what we perceive as put-down humor is just funny & loving. 
Jeff McCully
April 10, 1999
A person told me today that I sure am fat. I asked them not to pick on me as I have feelings, and I only weigh as much as a guy five foot twenty-seven. Except they usually make a lot of money playing basketball. They can't pick on ya if don't let em 
April 16, 1999
When someone says, "You're fat." the reply should be, "Yes, and you're ugly (old), but I can always lose the weight. What can you do about your problem? 
Harry Bagwell
May 30, 1999
At my (new) job last week, I've had people make jokes about my weight, my style of dress and a habit that i have of rolling my chair from one desk to another. After being bothered by it initially, I responded by poking fun at both them and myself, and that seems to defuse the situation. People definitely dont mean any harm by this, but it strikes me as very odd. People who would never steal from you, lie to you, or try to impose their opinions on you still feel its OK to belittle anyone anytime they fell like it.
I go along with it because I know from experience that these people will never change no matter what you say to them. 
August 28, 2000
my friends mobile is small but the battery is bloody huge. when ever
he takes it out at school i always say, ". i was wondering who took that brick off the wall. 
September 9, 2000
I am a natural blue-eyed blonde, and it never fails to amaze me that the people who claim not to be prejudice think it is open season on blondes, these same people would be appalled if the joke was about race or religion. Folks, blondes have feelings too. We also have brains. 
Ann Magill
August 29, 2003
It is so easy to respond to put-down humor with more of the same ("I am rubber, you are glue. What you say bounces off me and sticks to you."). Does anyone have any tips for responding to a put-down with affirmative humor, to difuse the situation, and help the person making the nasty joke feel better about themselves -- and you? 

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