April 20, 1999
What did you notice in your environment that reflected humor? 
Gene Witherspoon
April 20, 1999
Does the newspapeer count as environment? When our paper announced Dan Quayle's running for president, it misspelled his name - how marvelous for the guy cho couldn't spell the plural of potato (and I'm not even going to try!) 
Diane Rhodes
April 24, 1999
One headline at the front of the paper referred to The School from Hell. The story was continued on the comic page, where the headline read, The School from Heck! 
Joe O'Kane
April 27, 1999
In response to Gene Witherspoon's April 20th message. The word "Who" is misspelled. It reads "cho". The former VP is not the only one who does not have spell check. 
May 8, 1999
FYI, Joe, so is the word "newspaper" misspelled. Just what is a "newspapeer", I wonder? 
Gwynne Williams
October 11, 1999
The living room is a rec room. The computer/homework work station is a covered air hockey table, the computer's backdrop is a full sized ping-pong table, we even have a full weight set in front of the window. The kids friends love our home. 
June 8, 2001
I collect smiles - I have about 300 odd reminders to smile scattered, about 200 of which are in the one room.

And the smiles are definately contagious! :-) 
Mary Sue
November 12, 2001
Environmental Humor: is the mouse/squirrel,chipmuck tearing away at the fiberglass bathtub.
This little critter does not starting his snacking until 2 AM and keeps my co-worker up at night. He called his boss to ask for a solution.
Our supervisor's response to the pest was to tell the co-worker he was not allowed to keep pets, and must remove the creature immediately.
So far, rat poison has not worked, sonic vibrations did not deter the creature, and music seemed to disrupt his rhythmatic chewing.
It is funny to watch this 6'2" body builder reduced to baggy eyes and crumbling because a small critter keeps getting away.
Maybe he should watch Caddyshack to get ideas on exterminating his nemisis.
May 16, 2002
or maybe he should start a breeding program and sell them to narcoleptics... 
Mark DiMartino
January 18, 2003
A picture in the Daily Gazette(Schenectady, NY) newspaper showed a pidgeon wearing a slice of bread around its neck after eating through the center. Is that their version of an all day sucker? 
Cate Black
June 21, 2003
My cat has added humour to my week - he has been tearing around the house like a demented tearaway - up the hall and down again - jumping in the air at nothing - hugely funny
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