April 26, 1999
One key you used to tap your own sense of humor this week.... 
Alan L. Alcon
April 26, 1999
My wife and I were returning from a trip to western NY when she spotted an abandoned car located in a grazing field inhabited by cows. I posed a question that I had no idea how I would respond to, to wit, "What kind of automobile is out in that field?" I then put pressure on myself to come up with an answer immediately. What would you say? (cursor down for my response)I guess the key is to put yourself in a "must funny" position" and see what happens. 
Gene Witherspoon
April 27, 1999
I was on hwy 150 to Linconton this morning; but the road marker said Cherryville 10 miles, Salusbury 70 miles. I just hoped I was on the right road. Then one of the billboards had: "Do you have any idea where you're going? -- God."

Not a clue, Lord, not a clue. 

May 12, 1999
Really, I would have guessed a Moostang. 
P. Materna
May 19, 1999
God is in the outdoor billboard business. He can use any resource available to get our attention. I was driving home one night recently and along my familiar route was a monster billboard that read "Continue to use my name in vain and I will cause another traffic delay" signed, God. I had a great laugh, which felt good after a long day at the office handling customers. I am so thankfull God has a sense of humor! 
Mike Artell
April 19, 2000
Gee...I was sure it was a cattle-lack. 
December 1, 2000
I don't actually use a "key" - nice play on words there!!

I used every method I can get my hands on......... including getting my hands into if you consider I have 2 smiling puppets (yellow smiley faces!)

I have a collection of over 120 smiling reminders - stuffed smiley face toys, candles, clocks, pens, coasters - the works!

I have written smiling tunes to sing, have humor books to read (including Laffirmations!) ..... the list is endless.

And during the day, I'm always out to find ways to make lite of things. If I've forgotten something I come back with the line "If I had another brain it would be lonely" and trips to the toilet keep the paper companies in business! 

July 1, 2001
Reading a book about good humour making, it has remind me that you can mostly always take distance,(and very often it is the only way to go other than going crazy), see things from outside, because if you anyway have to undergo something, the only thing you can improve is your attitude: say yes and go ahead, look for the positive side, even if what comes to your mind is absurd, better so, the more you will be able to laugh. You have to cross the tunnel, be able to say yes with a smile and enjoy the "unenjoyable".
May 16, 2002
wonder how much money that cow makes?
well, she's must have one hell of a bill to keep that hunk of junk out there running, not to mention the insurance costs... wonder how much cows pay in insurance anyway?

looks like its about time for a trade in... I heard Ford was working on a new bovine model Explorer for 2003 that runs on milk...  
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