May 8, 1999
What is one issue/challenge in your life in the next week to which you would like to bring your sense of humor? Any thoughts on how to do it?.... 
Martha Bragdon
May 8, 1999
My retired engineer boyfriend is a well-behaved alcoholic who drinks all day in order to self-medicate (for what I don't know). He plays pool and video games almost all day every day with another retired engineer. He does things around the house sporadically - some days he does a lot, and some days he just goes out with his friend and plays on the internet for hours. I am under a lot of stress because of this situation, and would really like to know how in the world I would find humor in this situation. 
October 19, 1999
A better question is " Am I enabling the alcoholic to slowly kill himself?" " Has any other female found true laughter, true joy, and peace, and love by learning the principles of Alanon?"

In my case the answer to both of the above was YES!

Hope you'll make the effort to find help for yourself. You are a very special child of God and He has a very good plan for your life.

One thing that amazed me in Alanon was that women who were in much worse situations than I, were laughing and joking. They had found a "family" who would give them no advice (just point them to Alanon literature); who would listen and tell of their own personal hope and experience; and be available to be a friend and a mentor in the sometimes painful process of growing from CoDependency to Freedom

Look in the phone book for Alanon (maybe under AA listings) Talk to someone and make a commitment to yourself.

I'll be praying for you! 

February 8, 2000
I second that reply (Janell's). I highly encourage you to attend an Alanon Meeting. You will find people who can truly understand what you are going through. You will find love, support, and you will be taking care of yourself. And you will laugh again! 
Ralph Maffei
February 27, 2000
Need help. Was told Friday (2/25)that I'm gonna be an MC at my bosses retirement dinner. I'm expected to say funny things, not to risque, about his career in the property & auto ins biz, his boating, car trips to FLA. and his retirement quest to become a good golfer. Any jokes, ideas or sites to visit will be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanx,

June 25, 2006
Pretty good site. Nat 
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