May 9, 1999
This week, my sense of humor was like a ... because.... 
John D. Kopczak
May 10, 1999
This week my sense of humor was like a dead mackrel BECAUSE I couldn't catch myself doing anything funny... 
John D. Kopczak
May 10, 1999
This week my sense of humor was like a dead mackrel because all my jokes smelt... 
Sheila Thompson
May 12, 1999
This week my sense of humor was like a wad of chewing gum because it never got old, stuck to everything, and was there when I needed it! 
September 21, 1999
This week, my humor was like a rainbow because came after a very difficult pesonal storm and gave me joy to observe. 
November 1, 1999
Cod, that was awful! Perfectly sharking! Couldn't bass up the temptation to boot you off your perch (with both sole and eel!)

Yes, I know; that one smelt too, but salmon had to do it.


Kyrsti JaBonnais
November 11, 2000
That was quite clever, and humerous; have you any more roaming around in your mind, that you could type out? Then we could really have something to 'click our mouse' about! 
John Clinton
July 10, 2001
My humor this week is like a wet noodle. I was told I would have a part-time teaching position & then it was given to someone else. My disabled wife has shoulder problems and puts off seeing a doctor because she fears surgery. My married brother "came out of the closet" & announced that he is gay. One of my 6 medications seems to have made me slightly dizzy. It's hard to always maintain a sense of humor.  
January 31, 2002
This week my sense of humour was like a broken down brain. no one got it. no one understood me and i fear it will go into next week. 
Julie Bunn
August 31, 2003
This week my perspective allowed me to see the humor in everything and everyone. Not that they appreciated my position! No depression here! I did what I could and what I could not - canned. 
Janet Silke-Koval
July 11, 2004
This week my humor was soft and pliable as I watched as a person I work with wheeled down the hall in a wheelchair with a sheet over his head. He just wanted to see what would happen.  
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