August 1, 1999
One anecdote, joke, quote about humor, or cartoon you came across this week.... 
Hepzibah Hoffman
August 3, 1999
As you know, Gandi the great holy man, Often fasted. This sometimes resulted in a significant loss of physical strength, and sometimes gave him rather foul breath. In addition, he often went without shoes, which made the soles of his feet very rough. Do you know what this made him?
- A super-fragil calloused mystic plagued with halitosis! ;) 
Sharon reiter
August 6, 1999
"I gave her a ring and she gave me the finger." 
Martin Sher
February 7, 2000
There were 2 cannibals sitting around a campfire with a big boiling pot in the middle. one of the cannibals says to the other. 'I cannot stand my mother in law."
so the other cannibal says..."well why dont you try the potatoes. 
Helen McClenahan
February 8, 2000
Grandma is paying a regular visit to her grandchildren (and their parents). She comes down to breakfast the first morning she is there, and 7 year old grandson presents her with a mug of coffee that he has made for her. The coffee was probably the worst tasting stuff she had ever drunk, but being a good Grandma she drank her coffee (with style and good humor). When she got down to the bottom of the mug she found 3 small army soldiers there. "Sweetie," she asked her grandson, "why are there 3 little army guys in my coffee?" "Oh, Grandma," he replies, "You know! They always say on television that 'The Best Part of Waking Up is Soldiers in Your Cup'!" 
Ann MaGiggle
November 29, 2000
I read the article in the archive about the Library of Laughter, love and life (Did I get that in the right order?). At the end of the article, the first statistic cited stated that there were 18 different kinds of smiles...

What I want to know is: who counted?! Is there a handbook of smiles out there somewhere, with diagrams, and tables of identifying marks so that a reader can acturately spot the different species of smiles in the wild?

If not, does someone want to write one? ;-) 

January 3, 2001
Anyone who isn't confused doesn't understand the situation 
Dale Brook
June 26, 2001
What if the Hokey Pokey is REALLY what it's all about! 
Paul Troglia
July 17, 2001
If Tuesday Weld married Hal March Jr. she'd be Tuesday March the second. 
August 3, 2001
I gave up bowling for sex. The balls are lighter and I don;t have to change my shoes 
October 20, 2001
It is better to have loved and lost than to live with a psycho for the rest of your life. 
Laurie Boris
October 27, 2001
Q: What do you get when you cross an elephant with a kangaroo?

A: Great big holes in Australia. 
Ken Hansen
March 30, 2002
Rabbit has confessed, he hid the eggs to cover up relationship with the chicken! 
Rob Chubb
May 10, 2002
Jest a thought I ha ha ha had ...

Laughter is the best medicine ...
So don't keep it bottled up.
Use it before the expiry date!!
Cheers from
C eh N Eh D eh
Rob Chubb

May 16, 2002
I told this to my class and they couldn't stop laughing... why? I have no idea...

two sausages are frying in a pan. one turns to the other and says "damn sure is HOT in here". The other looks back and says, "OH MY GOD, YOU'RE a TALKING SAUSAGE!!!" 
Dennis Gander
August 31, 2002
A termite walks into a bar and says "Is the bartender hear?" 
Larry Gettis
November 27, 2002
Has anybody but me read my favorite absurdly ridiculous novel? The title is "Rastus Reilly". Do you agree that it's splendidly demented and do you love it like I do? Let me know at 
January 9, 2003
Only advanced life forms can truly have a sense of humor! 
Eric Koester
April 9, 2003
I found a funny page related to the war in Iraq called "Postcards from Iraq." Definately adds humor to the whole conflict. Check it out at 
March 3, 2004
I recently heard something on the radio where a dj was complaining about Braile being on the back of baby powder and on the doors at McDonalds bathrooms. His comment was " How do they know where to find it?" THink about it. How Ironic.
frank rocco
August 6, 2004
Why do they have braille at the drive in windows of banks??? 
ELizabeth Fisher
November 4, 2004
One day President Bush was making a speach at a grade school. Once he was finished he asked the students if they had any questions for him. Billy stands up and asks the President "Why did the US soldiers invade Iraq?" Just then the bell rang and President Bush tells the students that they will finish when they get back. After the Students get back from their break President Bush says, "Where were we? Oh yes does anyone have a question for me?" Jimmy stands up and says, "YEAH I have three questions for you! One, why did the US invade Iraq? Two, why did the recess bell ring 20 minutes early? And three where the hell is Billy?!" 
Darren Madigan
February 15, 2005
What about a completely normal looking Dick Tracy villain named Face-Face? 
Jerry Schuenke
August 24, 2005
Who was the 1st man to wear an Arrow Shirt?---General Custer.

What is Jaques Cousteau most famous for? He was last person to see Jimmy Hoffa. 
Jerry Schuenke
April 22, 2006
They chipped off Tammy Faes makeup----Found Jimmy Hoffa 
July 23, 2006
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Sharon Brunner
May 14, 2007
Why did the chicken cross the road?

To show the porcupines and skunks that it could be done. Just a little Yooper Humor from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan 
Ed the person named Ed
September 24, 2007
Two peanuts were walking down the street and one was a salted. 
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