August 1, 1999
Where do you most feel like a funnybone? Describe the place. 
August 4, 1999
Even though this is not a consistent occurance, I sometimes feel the funniest when it seems like my world is crashing in and no matter what I do nothing can help me. When I realize that the situation has no importance except that which I give it,everything suddenly seems so funny 
August 13, 1999
As a professional clown, obviously I feel like a funnybone when I'm working. But more specifically, it's when I'm doing my juggling routine! I've borrowed little bits of material here and there and molded it to my character. There is one routine that I do that I'm somewhat becoming famous for, it's my dropping routine. I'm a fine juggler, but people laugh the most when you drop the props! so that's what I do... and I let them pick them up for me as I drop another. I get such a positive reaction from it, it gives me a warm feeling. I get about 5 kids trying to pick up the same ball at one time. It's so funny! 
August 20, 1999
When things get tense my first reaction is interject humor. It's like a knee jerk for me...perhaps it helps alleviate my stress. In my job there tends to be a buildup of stress and this allows a release and often is a breakthrough for someone else to release their stress. 
Tilda Virgilio
April 15, 2003
I find laughing at ironic situations and real life situations with strange outcomes truly funny. I get a charge out of observing human behavior at its best and worst. I find my own stupidity hysterical and can laugh at myself even when there is no one around. Some of my funniest moments have been when I observe myself being a jerk. It humbles me to recognize how funny it all is and it motivates me to find another way.

When I share some real funny situation to close friends it gets even funnier..I find myself laughing even harder when I repeat the whole thing.. and each time it grows.. like yeast. 
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