January 1, 1999
To start off the new year, we would love to see your "reviews" and reactions to the Patch Adams movie (starring Robin Williams) that was released on December 25. Wadja think? Wadja feel? 
Judie Sinclair
January 26, 1999
Patch Adams was a wonderful movie that I will see again and again. It touched many emotions and confirmed everything I believe in about a sense of humor and it's healing power. I left feeling free of stress, light hearted and sure that I would sign up and attend the Humor Conference in April.
Robin Willliams role as Patch was one of his best. 
January 27, 1999
Our family went to see this movie. Both parents enjoyed the movie, it made us laugh, cry and smile.
Robin W. was wonderful.
I was concerned for my children when the one killing scene came up.
I was surprised to see on your web site that Patch Adams had received one of you top awards. Well deserved!! 
January 28, 1999
Any movie with Robin Williams is worth seeing....he has a sense about him that makes him the character, who ever he is you see that character and not Robin Williams.
The portrayal of Patch Adams was done in his usual Superior way...he showed all the side of Patch....showed his true caring for others and his sense of outrage at the powers that be (who maybe should not be).
This movie has a message that everyone needs to hear...and hear...and hear....and hear ...until the public gets is to valuable to be taken many of us need to learn how to enjoy life/play each and every day!!
This is a movie that needs to be on everyone list of movie to see once a year....just to get a dose of reality check...just a reminder that each of us caring for someone else is so important. 
Carol Taylor
February 11, 1999
I thought it was so funny. I can just see this stuff actually happening. I love to laugh and alot of what I see humor in is visualizing off the wall things happening and people's responses like in this movie. 
Jeff Waggaman
February 11, 1999
I did see the movie, and I thought it was wonderful!! I laughed so! I
kept talking back to the screen saying "this is what the hospital needs!!" I volunteer at a hospital as a dr Clown and my girlfriend kept saying SHUSH! I was so into the movie 
Irene Peduto-Cappa
February 17, 1999
I went to see Patch Adams because my brother has a small part in the movie. My brother was terrific! Of, course. Robin Williams, who played the part of Patch Adams, was phenomenal. Patch Adams is the ultimate in compassion and joy. His message of endorphins goes on. Thanks to all involved in putting this thing together.
Irene & Frank (Peduto) Cappa 
March 3, 1999
I totally agree. It was a pleasure and a joy. Being a nurse, clown, and daughter of someone fighting cancer; I totally needed the laugh and reminder to love. You are right about Robin Williams' performance. He has a depth of caring mixed with that wacky sense of humor that is always refreshing. His maturity since parenthood has added so much to his performances of late.
It also sparked an interest in the real Patch. 
Matthew Bloomfield
March 7, 1999
(okay, so i'm two months late--I just visited your site for the first time :~)
Having volunteered a few times at the Gesundheit Institute in Hillsboro, WV, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Washington D.C premier of "Patch Adams" the movie.
I drove straight from Athens, OH, to the Uptown theatre on Connecticut Avenue for the opening, and got there just in time.
I loved the gala atmosphere and all the "Gezoonies" in clown suits. The movie? Well, I don't know if it's because I was previously disposed to liking it, but I loved it! I don't think it followed Patch's book "Gesundheit" or real life very much, but I loved Monica Potter's transition from unapproachable medical student bitch to radiant dedicated beauty, and adored Robin Williams handling (insulting) of the two authoritative stick-up-the-butt doctors who attempted to thwart his dreams. But I must admit, when Monica Potter's character Corinne was killed in service to Gesundheit, I agreed with Patch when he wanted to throw in the towel. Of course, if he had, there'd have been no movie :~) The best part for me was at the reception following the premier. I was in the men's room filling up a plastic squirt ring at the sink, when in came...Robin Williams. He appeared very friendly, was enjoying the party, and seemed interested in what I was doing. "Practical joke," I explained, taking a step forward and showing him the ring. His response: "You're not going to squirt with me that thing, are you?"
Robin, wherever you are, I had a demo of some of my humor material in my pocket, and didn't think to hand it to you. I think you would have enjoyed my parody of Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable." Mine is "Unimpeachable." I hope one day to get another chance. Don't worry, I won't squirt you. 
March 23, 1999
Robin Williams was inspiring in his warm portrayal of Patch. When I saw the Make-a-Wish kids in the hospital scenes, I was so grateful that they had been invited to be in this film. I learned about Patch's aspirations for a "silly hospital" in l995 and went on his trip to clown in Russia in l996. It is such a powerful experience--at times overwhelming. Thank you, Patch. You have started happy interactions in motion through your compassionate encounters with ordinary people who are brought into your clown world. I sometimes feel these happy ripples returning to me as I try to practice random acts of kindness. It makes a difference. 
March 26, 1999
The Patch Adams movie just opened here in Australia. I have to say, I cannot stop thinking about it! I was a little apprehensive about Robin Williams in the role, but he was superb. As a former Critical Care Nurse, I used to be told off for making my cardiac patients laugh too loud! I couldn't believe it back then, and it certainly makes me laugh at the absurdity of it still now. Hopefully those who did not appreciate my efforts will see this movie, let's hope it starts a ripple effect! My goal is to brighten the day of each person I meet, think of how people treat the next person they come across when they are smiling, not frowning? The RIPPLE effect - think about how you can be a catalyst that will touch the days of many! Everyone can do it, it just takes a little thought. Bravo to Patch Adams and Robin Williams, we need leaders like them just as much as other greats! :) 
Pat McClellan
April 9, 1999
Great to know there are health care people who know how valuable humor is. Just heard about "Patch Adams" from AARP. God knows we all take life to seriously and we should understand that life is too important to be taken seriously. 
Jane White
July 9, 1999
My mother was dying and we felt as if we were too. One day while driving to the hospital to stay with her, I almost ran into the back of a truck. I thought, "We all could die before mother does. I'm not going to bury her before she's dead." From that day on we began to celebrate her life. I decorated her room with funny posters, pictures and anything I thought would make her laugh. People would come into her room expecting to be sad and leave laughing. She lived eight months longer than the doctors thought she would and she lived every minute of it. The memories of those months are not of death and dying, but of love and laughter. 
July 9, 1999
Jords' Mom
July 10, 1999
The Happiest movie yet !!!
How can I find the real Patch Adams? 
July 10, 1999
I think the movie "Patch Adams" was one of the best I have ever seen!!! The fact that it was a true story only made it better! I truly wish I could get in contact with the "real" Patch Adams! 
Tristan Alexander
July 16, 1999
Patch You have made such a turn around for me, I want to make something of my life now! I want to become someone as you have.
The movie Patch Adams Staring Robin Willams was such a grat movie! and you are such a great man! thank you for everything! I am now going to make my name know to all just as you have!! Thank you And I love you!! Tristan!!! 
Stephanie Grier
July 17, 1999
I would just like to say that i thought the movie was absolutly brilliant, an inspiration. Definatly humorous!!! 
Alyssa Gregory
July 21, 1999
I have just watched the movie Patch Adams (staring Robin williams) and I find that he was absoloutly correct when the point was stated saying that laughter is the best medicine. Even if I'm not a Dr., I study anatomy and i am interested in forensic pathology. If my future occupation is to become Doctor, then I strongly think I will keep this movie in mind. I really enjoyed it. 
Jen Jon Pio
July 23, 1999
I loved the movie. It made an
excellent point about the medical
profession. -Jon
What a wonderful commentary on such
a basic truth!! The golden rule is
the only truly important rule & laughter is essential to life. -Jen
P.S. We laughed our asses off!!! 
Dianne Landis
July 23, 1999
I saw the movie for the first time on my birthday, July 17th. It was the best gift I received. I laughed. I cried. I was touched in a way I can't describe. It renewed my belief in the power of hopes and dreams, and purpose in life. My fiance watched it the next day and was equally touched. He too, has had a vision of a white city on a hill in the same setting as the Gesundheit Institute. He too, has a great gift to share with the world. He too, has great passion to serve and trusts God will provide what is necessary when the time is right. He is close to completing a book that will begin the process. I know I am supposed to somehow help him with this. We have been stuck lately-almost frozen-on how to proceed. I believe there are no accidents, and watching this movie inspired me to move-to start something-however small. This is my first attempt. I know the resources will come for a publisher, and speaking engagements, more books, and then to the city on the hill - all for the same purpose as Patch-helping people and saving lives. It will come. It is his purpose. It is him. Stay tuned, and thank you for providing one of the steps in a lifetime dream. 
July 24, 1999
I am someone who works in the mental health field... and am very interested in your techniques and what you do.... I find that humor works very well with my clients... I get through deeper when I amke them laugh and smile.... and that is worth more than anything to me :)


July 26, 1999
I just saw the Patch Adams movie last night. As a Registered NUrse who has been reprimanded more than once for employing humor with my patients, I can really relate. Amazing, I now operate a board and care home for VERY ill children. Humor is the best thing going for them. 
July 27, 1999
This movie was so excellent and I'm so pleased that it is actually happening! Thank you Patch for your humaness and autristic nature! You seem to bring out the best in people - especially the Dr's who are volunteering for your Clinic! Good for you! You are a true hero for the people! 
David C. Willcott
July 29, 1999
The movie really touched my heart, and I also believe laughter is the best medicine, and I think Patch Adams is close to saint hood. 
Nick Schifani
July 29, 1999
An uplifting story of which I would recomend anyone to see who needs a little "eccessive happiness"!!!!!!! 
Tom Frascino
August 2, 1999
I was deeply moved by the entire film; it was a perfect role for Robin Williams. The scene involving Bill {dying from pancreatic cancer} particularly affected me since my dad died from that also. 
August 3, 1999
I just saw the movie tonight and it has changed the way I want to be. I don't like being the robotic type and look forward to being just the way I want to be. I'm only 8 years old and can't wait to be more like me. My Dad helped me put it in words. 
Ann Naples
August 4, 1999
I wish all doctors would watch this movie. For the most part Patch was talking about 95%of them. 
August 6, 1999
I just finished watching it tonight. It was amazing. I too only wish that more doctors and other healthcare professionals would actually practice what he does. 
August 7, 1999
I have seen this movie several times and each time I see it I am uplifted and amazed at such a wonderful and powerful attitude towards medicine and the link with laughter and humor. I am in the medical feild and I hope that one day I can touch lives the way that Hunter "Patch" Adams did. 
August 9, 1999
great movie, i hope there is still people out there like him 
August 10, 1999
I loved the movie.! It was soooo beautiful! i think the actors in the movie did great! robin williams deserves an award for his performance! I'd recommend to buy it! 
August 10, 1999
The movie was great! If tha actually man is anything close to what was depicted we need more peolpe like him!!!!! God Bless Him! 
s. romero
August 11, 1999
Go to the Gesundheit Institute's web page.
Go to and type in Patch Adams you will get a lot of info. That's how I found this page, through a link. 
August 11, 1999
I loved the movie. It's good to know that there's some doctor like Patch Adams that exists. I would just like to know if anyone knows about the poem he read to Carin. Who's it by? 
August 11, 1999
August 13, 1999
This movies makes me realise that one can not live solely for oneself. Life would be meaningless without compassion for people and things around us.
This is a cynical world which we live in. We are constantly in fierce competition against one and another. Nevertheless, when we win, we also lose. How much do money and power worth when you are up there all by yourself, and live in total ignorance of the rest of the world? 
August 13, 1999
Sensational,Tender,caring and heart wrenching.Patch Adams is a
phenominal human!!!!Robins Williams was fantastic as always because he is a very funny and warm actor. 
August 13, 1999
I am in the medical profession. I laughed and I cried during this movie. It is such a shame that we must be rigid to the rules with no deviation in the norm tolerated. I cheer on Patch Adams and all he is about. When did we ever get so pompous to think our moods are not a major portionof our health? 
August 14, 1999
The movie about patch adams was exellent and very emotional and touching i enjoyed it and it made me realize that are good people in this world who care robin williams played the part to a T 
August 15, 1999
Great Movie. 
nancy williams
August 29, 1999
i loved the movie. i worked in nursing home,and that was the one thing that helped me to comunnicate with pt. humor. 
Connie Christensen
September 13, 1999
The movie was outstanding - it evoked so many emotions in all who watched it. I too feel called upon to continue the work of Patch Adams. We all can be Patch Adams where ever we are in life. There are too many people in pain; whether it be physcial, mental, emotional or spiritual. I knew there was a reason I chose "Smiles the Clown" for my clown character! I have found that those that I am closest to are the hardest to lighten up. So, sometimes it takes a complete stranger to lift us out of the doldrums of life. 
October 30, 1999
it's the best.. Robin Williams is wonderful anyway but with the "story" that is a gift to all.. Can't say thanks enough! 
Jack Shea
November 5, 1999
Check out the review at: I know the reviewer and my input to this person from many Humor Conferences gave him the insight to wite a really good and honest take on the movie. He also bash's one of the top movie critics in the process...that is worth reading the review for alone. 
Teresa Ard
November 9, 1999
I am very much trying to get in touch with Patch Adams.if there is any information that you could give me on his email address or even give him mine.....I would be greatful.....thanks 
Helene Grover
February 12, 2006
It is now a few years since I saw the movie and a few more years since I attended Patch Adams workshop here in Australia. Patch is my hero and role model. It is such a joy to be able to validate the laughter work with the legacy of Patch Adams and the movie that many people have seen here. Ironically enough or for some strange reason, some people actually thought it was a lovely fictional story well done by Robyn Williams and were delighted to learn otherwise.
June 25, 2006
Looked through your site. Good work! Ken. 
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