February 15, 1999
One way my organization integrates/uses/applies humor in the workplace is... 
February 15, 1999
I work in a counseling center and we have a lot of cartoons and jokes that we post on our bulletin board...some funny, some sick humor, some poking fun at psychology, some political/current topics. We also have a counselor who subscribes to a joke newsletter who brings in lots of funnies. 
February 23, 1999
My work place is at home as a parent. I have 4 children. One of them struggles with ADD and depression. The movie "Patch Adams", inspired me to use humor to lighten the lives of my children. What a difference! I try to have a "joke of the day" when my children come home form school. On rough days, I log onto the internet and find joke sites. It changes the whole attitude of the home. The most noticable change was with my son mentioned earlier. He goes from an angry, depressed child, to a happy, content child. Even his teachers at school (who didn't know what i'd started doing)noticed a change.
I am a true believer that humor is needed in every line of work, whether you're a parent, police officer, doctor, school teacher or what ever.... What a difference that could be made!!!! 
Rising Star
March 16, 1999
Gloria, get into Hotmail, there are some great sites and links through their subscriptions!

One of my faves this week:
A closed mouth gathers no foot!

March 23, 1999
Could you share some of joke sites website addresses. I love humor! 
Connie (Smiles the Clown)
September 13, 1999
I would like know how I could subscribe to the joke newsletter? Or any other humor cartoon publications? Also, does anyone know of a cartoon resource for newsletter? 
February 9, 2000
I am specifically looking for stories of teachers using humor in the classroom as well as information about the "laughter-learning link"! Can anyone help? 
October 11, 2000
I work for a human services agency that has a program called "Random Acts of Fun". The way it works is- First- get the big bosses permission and blessings, Second- pair up people who do not usually work together and assign them a week of the year (thus the randomness :) ). Third- give each pair a budget and permission to arrange for up to two hours away from work for their Random Act. Fourth- Let the pair be creative in coming up with something fun to do for an entire department or for one or two co-workers.

Some of the things that have been done here are: a Christmas party at lunch time on July 25, milk shakes delivered to everyone's desks, tickets to a mid day base ball game, masseuse visit the office, clown make everyone a balloon animal, a tail gate party with the boss manning the grill, a lunch time cruise on the canal... 

Marianna Gascon
August 2, 2001
I am the Office Manager for Humor for your Health. My husband Dan has Created
the Humor for your Health Facilitator's Kit that we use as a company all the time and is also being used in Health Care, Education and different Companies all over the World. It brings a new understanding around humor. You can see more at
Thank you Humor Project for having such great questions and the ability to share!
April 30, 2002
Humor is must have in the class.You need to continually laugh with your students..........constant slapstick tricks keep the class going........pretending to fall when you pick up your chalk.......tripping over desks and chairs.........telling the silliest stories in the world as seriously as possible......telling the students that today will be a "no laughter" day........makes everyone even siller!!!!! 
September 14, 2002
Humor helps relieve stressful situations at work where a new computer system has turned everything upside down(especially to a 60 year old). 
May 24, 2003
I agree humor is very important in the workplace. This Wednesday it will be my turn to open the staff meeting (we call it Opening Thoughts). I want to do something that will make people laugh, something that will start the meeting and the workday off with a happy note any suggestions? Help! 
Pat McRee
March 30, 2006
This is always a great way to lighten up a meeting. Ask everyone to look under their chairs & grab the invisible pens hidden there. Have them screw these colorful, invisible pens into their belly buttons & use them to write their names (in cursive) so everyone knows who they are! 
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