February 22, 1999
Charles Schulz has created books like Happiness Is a Warm Puppy. If you were to come up with your own metaphorical book title for "humor", what would it be? Humor Is.... 
Brian McGowan
February 22, 1999
Humor is:
The absoulute missing link in all our lives. With it, we can change the world. Without it, we can not. 
February 22, 1999
Humor is seeing the silliness in ALL of us. Laughing at our own mistakes. 
February 22, 1999
Humor is seeing the silliness in ALL of us. Laughing at our own mistakes. 
Catherine McAllister
February 23, 1999
Humor is the antacid of life. It makes all things bearable again. 
February 23, 1999
Humor is a necessarity of makes it possible to get up the next morning and do what has to be done...the ability to see the humor in everything we do! 
February 24, 1999
Humor is the smile and laughter of our hearts . . . it warms us up on the inside and radiates out to touch others! 
Lance S.
February 26, 1999
Humor is individual, corny, yet acceptable, especially to those who wake up in the morning and realize they still have to work for someone else! 8-) 
February 26, 1999
Humor Is what makes your tummy wiggle like a bowl full of jello. 
Night Train
February 28, 1999
Happyness is making someone laugh. 
Patrick Colemont
February 28, 1999
Humour is like Belgian Chocolate:
delicious on the tongue,
gentle on the stomach and
so warming for your heart! 
February 28, 1999
Humor is a tickle from the inside out! 
February 28, 1999
Humor is the "laff" of life. 
Please Pass the Mouthwash
March 9, 1999
Humor is...grabbing the wrong tube in the morning rush... 
April 9, 1999
Humor is a smily face with large teeth! 
July 29, 1999
Smile and laugh everyone...make life worth it...a Smile is worth a thousand words...and a laugh is worth a lifetime.

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=) Thanks 

November 5, 1999
God's grace radiating from humankind 
SPA Thinker
November 29, 1999
Humor is the secret of "life" that gets jumbled in the Telephone Game we all play. 
December 15, 1999
Humor is a rainbow in the sky of life. 
November 6, 2000
I want to have something about happyness 
Laura Gumina
April 28, 2002

humor is like having your own chair
in the living room of the world 
December 20, 2002
Humor is... A warm Fuzzy. It's memory stays with you all day, and every time you think about it, you smile.  
Mark DiMartino
January 18, 2003
Humor is the oxygen of sustainable self-worth, friendships, marriage, parenting. Success in these areas equals a successful life. 
Ann Magill
August 29, 2003
Humor is seeing tails with your minds eye and heads with your bodys eye, and knowing both are real. 
paul simons
January 19, 2006
humor is the original reason for tears 
Katrina Dixon
January 25, 2006
Laughter is like a Sun Shiny day makes you feel warm all over. 
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