March 22, 1999
When do you feel most humorous? 
June 1, 2002
I don't think that humor has moments, so much as opportunities. It is a natural part of dealing with life. One poinient example is when my mother was in the hospital in very critical condition, my father was not dealing with it very well& I had gone without much sleep or food for several days, and my sister and I were in the elevator of the hospital on our way to the floor where they had just taken mom. Several people had gotten on and off this elevator and eventually, my sister and I were alone, and talking about what was going on, and the elevator stopped and the doors opened. We staggered out into the hall and the doors closed, a couple of people passed us looking at us very strangely, eventually I spotted the sign that announced that we were in the lobby of the Psychiactric wing of the hospital. I looked at my sister, and at the sign, she looked, and as we waited for the elevator we began to giggle, by the time the doors opened and the people on the elevator saw, two bedraggled women standing there giggiling,whith Psychiactric Wing in big gold letters behind us, and the looks on their faces! Thankfully we toned it down before we got to where we were required, or they might have just sent us back there. It was the most effective release of emotion I have ever experienced. Humor helps us cope. And it does it in a completely non intrusive manner. It is addictive though. I think of humor as my very best addiction. 
February 15, 2003
I have always been chronically depressed,although I never admitted it openly, nor received treatment for it until recently.Looking back on it now I can see why ,when I was growing up, why I was so drawn to television comedy(The Beverly Hillbillies,Lucy,etc...) they were, in addition to good,wholesome entertainment, medication for me...they mad me forget,for at least a little while,my saddness.Many of our great comedians have had to endure great bouts with depression, that is one reason they turn to laughter and humor...It is a great healer and coping device.I find I am most humerous when I am in a great deal of emotional pain and when my depression is trying to overtake men.Humer and Laughter is my way of surviving. 
Julie Bunn
August 31, 2003
I note that I am humorous when people laugh at what I say. It just comes out. I am a "sit - down - comic" (I am a dental hygienist) Also, my teaching staff (Interim Administer) is forever telling me they like my attitude. My "perspective" and "attitude" are what keep me "on top of the dirt." 
July 4, 2008
when i am with my friends who are similar to me, i just go crazy. there are a few people who i cant stop smiling with, something about them makes me feel comfortable, and at home with myself. i guess when we are truly free, we can be who we want, and for me, thats extremely sily perverted and weird.  
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