March 2, 1999
With April Fool's Day approaching, The HUMOR Project wants to encourage folks to move from "practical jokes" that hurt to "practical humor" that helps create "inverse paranoids" (people who think the world is out to do them good). What are some ways you could play with positive practical humor on April 1 to build someone up or to bring people together? 
March 2, 1999
I feel most humorous when attempting to have a rational conversation with my two-year-old! 
Fran London, MS, RN
March 2, 1999
I feel--and am--most humorous when I am with a group of people who are willing to play with humor. The fastest way to get that ball of humor bouncing
is the synergy of people willing to take risks with humor, and appreciating the attempts of others. One laugh leads to another, and stimulates creativity of all. 
Maureen Gee
March 2, 1999
I would have to say this happens when I am relaxed in the company of good old friends and we can look back and laugh at times gone by.You almost relive the feelings of those moments and it is a real tonic.Of course young children are natural homorists and their total uninhibited spotaneity is catchy & priceless. A Big Hi!to you from OZ 
Maureen Gee
March 2, 1999
A dictionary is a most useful object particularly when you launch into the world of www. communication. Spellcheckers aren't bad either. So please overlook my spelling creation above and replace with "SPONTANEITY" ~the stuff that so much great humor comes from. 
March 4, 1999
Probably it would be when I'm a bit on the tired side. I usually see and/or feel humorous pretty much all the time (when I'm awake anyways). 
March 4, 1999
when I notice my own human foibles. ie after doing a complicated sleight of hand routine and then trip falling up the stairs. 
March 9, 1999
In the high stress word of the healing profession, we use humor on a daily bases to be able to do the work that we do without blowing our brains out.
One of the classic pranks is to make some jello and put in iodine for that brown-amber coloring. Add a few bits of food scraps and cool until semi soild. Take a container of the goo to work. Place the stuff in a bedpan of a patient who is on bedrest and must use the pan. When the nurse grabs for it, it slops over her shoes and scares the **** out of her.
The other classic is to put a small amount of hand lotion into the fingertips of an exam glove, then slip it into your nurse pal's pocket. Nothing better than something sticky in your glove to make you giggle. 
March 9, 1999
Get any group of nurses together and you'll see comedy in action...
One must find the humor in the most desperate of situations to be able to cope. Give humor to our patients is doublely important. I had a patient tell me, "I always feel better because you make me laugh and when we laugh together, I know that I must be going to get well"
Little does e know that I also laugh with the dying :) 
Kathy Cox
April 8, 1999
need material for laugh more - stress - less workshop. Thanks in advance... 
May 26, 1999
i feel most humorous when working as a clown especially with children
and puppets 
marie crouch
November 19, 1999
I laugh the most and the hardest when i'm nervous. 
August 28, 2000
when someone is angry at me like a teacher or my dad. 
Ann MaGiggle
November 29, 2000
Go into work wearing a child's paper birthday hat, and one of those curly paper blow-out horns in your pocket along with your pens(what is the 'technical'name for those things?). Act as if this is the way you are supposed to dress for work.

If someone asks whose birthday it is, shrug and say something like: "It's always *someone's* birthday." 

Cinda Caiella
May 23, 2001
At a parents of gifted students meeting, discussing options for next year, one very serious parent asked the principal (who had disclosed he had 2 identified-gifted children): what did you do with your kids?
I couldn't stop laughing--as usual, the only one.
July 19, 2001
I find humor while sitting/driving in traffic jams to work. I drive a stick shift so I try to stay back from the car ahead of me so I don't have to keep shifting gears. Some people are in such a hurry to get to work (go figure)that the fly past me, only to be stuck in the same line right in front of me. I usually just throw my head back and laugh hysterically! (you know they are watching you in their rear view mirror)! 
Ken Hansen
March 30, 2002
When the rescue truck returns to our firehall, after a particularly ugly call, the public is not represented at the debriefings. The humor that we use to cope is not appreciated by those who have not been similarly stressed. Please forgive us. 
John M. Clark
February 28, 2006
One semi-harmless way of observing April Fools Day is starting on your morning commute. When the inattentive driver in front of you is careening all over the place because hes talking on his hands-full cellphone, remain calm, dont flash lights, beep horn, or flip off the finger. With as deadpan a face as you can muster, just repeat the words yammer, yammer over and over again. Youll be surprised at how soon YOULL be grinning, and the other guy cant go all road-rage on you, but may just WAKE THE ? UP and drive right! Happy Hooligan! 
April 30, 2006
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May 2, 2006
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September 1, 2006
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