March 31, 1999
What did you do to tickle someone else's funny bone this week? 
J.R. Jones
March 31, 1999
During our church service we are asked to greet and shake hands with persons in our immediate area.

After the couple in front of me shook hands and said God Bless, I barked to them "Now come out fighting" 

Jim Sutton
April 1, 1999
In our 4th grade Sunday School I have them clean up early and use the left over time to read jokes outload (in a controlled manner) from Clubhouse magazines that I pass out. We all try to get it before the answer is read. Now they leave--sometimes i have to tell them it is time-- on a good note. I get the room cleaned up and have a activity that can filll the 3 to 10 minutes left. Everyone likes it. 
April 4, 1999
My friend at work really was not in the mood to celebrate her birthday this I quietly put a card on her desk...ALONG WITH A HANDFULL OF COLORED PUNCHHOLE CONFETTI!!!!

We kept things low key....and celebrated!!! 

April 5, 1999


Gary Hilliker
April 5, 1999
Jim, that is a great idea. I think that it will work with my teen SS class. Thank you for making my day... 
Pat McClellan
April 9, 1999
you're the first person i've ever encounted that realized the IRS employees are people too. Like the rest of they can be a pain but they're individuals. 
Chaplain Chuck
April 9, 1999
I got a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (groan), which required a response from me. When I called the 800 number for guidance in how to respond I was put on hold, a message encouraged me to not hang up, and then music began playing: Bach's "Wake, Awake, for Night Is Flying"!! After quite a while I did connect with a live person who, as could be expected, sounded tense and worn out. After giving him my basic information I pointed out how appropriate I thought it was that the IRS had chosen that music to play, as people scrambled to get their taxes in on time. After that comment he seemed to warm up a bit and, indeed, did turn out to be very helpful. Humor is a lubricant for friction-filled situations. 
Jack Shea
November 5, 1999
I have adhered a small 'clown nose' to the picture on my drivers license and wait for someone to say as I write a check, "I'll need to see your drivers license" I hand it over and while they are glancing down to see what the heck is stuck to the photo....I place a clown nose on my face and wait for the reaction when they look up! 
Liz Scott
February 1, 2002
Shared our web site with a friend. Absolutely made her day. Have a laugh.
Mistress Zorya
February 13, 2002
This past weekend I experienced something entirely new and amazing. I met a man who really loves to fact, he expressed an interest in "tickle torture." What is that? Being restrained, and then being tickled and being caused to laugh and laugh for almost an hour straight. He squirmed, he squiggled, but he loved it. He had done this before, but it was a first for me. I laughed as much as he did -- it was totally hilarious and exhilirating. This could be misconstrued as dangerous, but it is not. It is a GREAT way to have an amazing laugh! Try it and see... 
donna wojcik
August 17, 2005
I organized the NTLB ("No Turtle Left Behind") Travers race at work. As turtles cannot walk in a straight line, they raced to the end of a circle. The race included hats, bets, bobble-head dolls, racing forums, jockeys (snails), and previews of the racers in their "stables". It really relaxed us all here at it got me out of having to do my regular work - BONUS! 
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