August 30, 1999
With whom do you laugh the most? What is it about that person that "invites" you to laugh? 
March 15, 2000
I recall seeing an interview with a psychiatrist/psychologist who had designed a questionnaire that allowwed himm to determine the specifc types of humor an individual had the greatest response to. Can anyone direct me to such a source? Thanks for your help,Rubin  
April 27, 2000
My dad's sense of humour is quite dry. Growing up, my sisters and I used to groan whenever he'd make a joke. Over the years, I've picked it up and so has my mom. Just the other night I was quite upset and in fowl humour. I mentioned that I had called my boyfriend crying. They asked why I had not called him by his name. We all cracked up laughing. 
Steven T. Ball
August 23, 2000
My darling Amy, because I can always make her laugh. Just give me one section of a newspaper or 10 min. of tv and i'll crack her up. 
Marie Smith
November 30, 2001
My son's father performed a Hudini act when my son was 5 years old. He is now 15 and has not seen his father since. We don't have any answers to our questions "Why". Sometimes we just have to laugh. For instance in a movie where a father returned to his bewildered daughter's who related to him that Mom said, "Daddy got run over by a train". My son and I both looked at each other and said at the same time, "Well that must of been what happened". 
Dave Scott
February 1, 2002
My wife, Liz. I make her laugh at least once a day. When our daughter was born, the nurse asked if I was an entertainer. Liz replied, "No, just a clown". Can always crack her up with the age old - Two peanuts walking through Central Park joke. I don't even have to do the punch line anymore! 
Dinah Leah T. Dirilo
March 13, 2002
I always have "laughing sprees" and "laughing minutes" everyday with my husband, Roy. It's all spontaneous!
He always sees something funny in everyday things or situations. He has a way with making me smile and
laugh with the way he uses words and situations at hand to inject humor!  
May 22, 2002
I laugh with my colleagues a lot. We work with college students so it is the best relief we have to make it through the day. 
October 1, 2002
My significant-other makes me laugh. He is witty and dry and subltle and sees the humor in so many things. As soon as he says says a "funny" it invokes my imagination and I can just lose it with laughter. No wonder he's my soul mate. He tickles my soul! 
October 7, 2002
My patients often make me laugh. You can see why so many of them have survived so much - their sense of humor is what has allowed them to prosper. 
Deborah Rubin
October 29, 2002
My students. I teach high school and they have such a fresh way of looking at me, each other, their parents and the world in general. If I'm not fussing about their not doing homework, we're laughing about the world around us! 

June 26, 2004
My husband is HILARIOUS! He makes me laugh all the time, with his witty sense of humor, ability to sing high notes! He is absolutely hilarious!  
Margaret Anne
December 16, 2004
With whom can I laugh? My therapist. He allows me to just be me and is not judgemental. He helps me to laugh at myself. Recently I was discussing my need to collect "things" which I do not need, during the adjustment phase of a separation. In the seriousness of the momement it suddenly occurred to me that it could be worse. "Thank God I do not collect cats!" I am grateful that I can now see humor in my pain and that we are able to laugh in the midst of it.  
April 14, 2005
Humor is somthing I carry in my pocket. To say the most random thing can be witty, yet so awkward. I think its romantic when someone launches a sly smile your way. You know.. you just made their day. Sometimes its the wity fool in us all that teaches us and others the most sought after lessons in life-  
Kenny Spiers
May 6, 2005
Looking for an organisation in UK or Europe who actively encourage humour in there every day business. Any suggestions? 
sharon donovan
June 22, 2005
of all the wonderful things God created, I believe a sense of humor is the best thing by far.It is such a blessing to know that no matter how bad things may seem a simple smile or belly laugh can make things seem better even if only temporarily. 
John Creech
April 20, 2006
The 2 above REALLY cracked me up !!! 
Jack Woot
July 9, 2006
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August 26, 2006
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Matilda Virgilio
March 22, 2010
The person that makes me laugh the best...that deep down laugh...especially at my oldest friend Al. He knows me so well, and I trust him. Because of that foundation, the slightest comment and observation makes me laugh...because it comes from a loving kind place. There is no malice in the laughter..and it's never at someones expense or at a misfortune. Laughter with a dear friend is the best laughter one can have. I also laugh with some reality shows....even if I am alone while watching them....I enjoy situations where people are natural and they relax into the crazy stuff that happens.... human nature can be so much fun to watch and relate to. 
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