Growing Through Transitions:
Life Coaching with Margie Ingram

  • Would you like to bring more lightness and humor into your life and work?
  • Do you feel the need for more personal and professional balance in your life?
  • Are you ready for a change in your life? Or are you facing a change that has arrived uninvited?
  • Would you like to be more intentional as you age-- creating a healthy, deeply satisfying life for yourself?
  • Are you wondering what you want to be (and do) when you grow up?
  • Do you want to discover your Signature Strengths and build your R.Q. (Resilience Quotient)?

If you answered "YES" to one or more of these questions, then coaching may provide the support you need to help you realize and reach your personal and professional goals.

Margie Ingram, M.A., Ed. Spec, is a graduate of the Authentic Happiness Coaching Program. This accomplished leader is now using her extensive experience as a transitions coach to help individuals and small groups create fulfilling lives, move gracefully through life transitions, identify and build on personal and professional strengths, and seize the opportunity to optimize optimism.

Margie's clients coast-to-coast appreciate her credible and incredible support, wisdom, energy, and insight:

"Your warm personality and enthusiasm made me instantly feel comfortable speaking with you.  I needed the discipline and encouragement to explore what my next career might be.  Thanks, Margie, you have been just what I needed!"

"Margie, you are a great co-pilot.  You helped steer me in a positive direction.  Your wisdom and guidance are priceless."

"I needed a re-do button and a life make-over.  I now know what it means to be truly supported and to experience transition as an empowering process."

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Who is Growing Through Transitions Coaching for?

Transitions Coaching could help everyone who would like support and assistance in facing a transition in their lives or jobs. These changes can seem overwhelming. They can also be exciting, promising, and wonderfully full of opportunities when you have support along the way. Transitions Coaching can give you that support. Please note: Transitions Coaching is not mental health counseling.

What is the client's role in this process?

These sessions are for you! You will set both the short-range and long-range goals for your coaching sessions. To keep you moving forward, you will identify how you would most like me to support you and what you want to happen in our working together. I welcome and encourage frequent feedback to be sure that together we are creating the best environment possible for our coaching partnership.

What are the ways that you work with people?

The majority of our coaching sessions take place with an individual client in regularly-scheduled telephone sessions. For people living nearby (or interested in traveling to Saratoga Springs, New York), these can take place in person as well.

I am open to creating an arrangement that you feel would best meet your needs. For example, one client traveled from South Carolina to our office in Saratoga Springs for an initial three-hour session to chart the direction for our work together and to set up weekly phone sessions to continue our work. Another client who lives locally alternates between in-person and phone sessions. I believe that there is not one structure that fits all needs; we will work together to create a schedule that will work best for you.

Can you tell me more about Margie?
Margie IngramMargie Ingram, Co-Director The HUMOR Project, is one of the pioneers in the fields of stress management and the humor-resilience connection. A popular coach, speaker, consultant, and workshop leader throughout the U.S. and abroad, she has presented such topics as "Humor in the Workplace," "Preventing Burn-Out," "Aging Well," "Effective Team Building," "Organizational Goal-Setting," and "Developing Your Comic Vision."

Margie has been a youth and adult educator for the past 42 years. A public school teacher for many years, she went on to supervise student teachers and teach grad courses at many colleges on effective teaching methods and developing creative classroom environments. Margie's speaking career, which began 37 years ago, grew out of her love of teaching. Her programs are lively, engaging, and practical as she creates opportunities for participants to apply the content to their immediate lives and jobs.

In addition to her speaking, consulting, and coaching, Margie has served as coordinator of The HUMOR Project's international conference on "The Positive Power of Humor, Hope and Healing"and international workshop on "HUMOResilience: Tickling Stress Before It Tackles You," which have attracted 21,000+ people from all 50 states, 6 continents, and the Moon (Moonwalking astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell).

Margie was honored with the Distinguished Service Award from the Reed Foundation and the Prevention Council, the Hometown Hero Award, and the 20 Over 40 tribute (recognizing 20 people over age 40 for excellence in their fields and for making a difference in the community).

In her spare time, Margie loves canoeing, climbing mountains, exercising, completing challenging puzzles, and spending time with family and good friends. She practices what she teaches about creating intentional balance in life.

What makes Margie's coaching different from others?

One of the key differences you will find is that working with me will be like working with your own "personal workshop leader." As I have done for 33 years in creating and facilitating workshops for groups and organizations, I now also custom-design "activities" to help individuals focus on potential directions for their lives and move towards their personal goals and visions for fulfilling lives for themselves.

In addition to asking dynamic clarifying questions and serving as an "accountability mirror" to you, I can also assist you in staying pro-active and positively-focused throughout this process while helping you to identify and build your "Signature Strengths" into your life and work.

How long do people usually do coaching sessions?

Because exploring life changes, setting goals, and achieving life balance are a process (as opposed to merely one question followed by one "right answer"), clarity comes over time. I am most interested in (but not limited to) working with people who are committed to working together for a minimum of four sessions. Depending on what directions emerge, it is very common for clients to continue longer than that and/or to meet bi-weekly rather than every week for a period of time. There is no one right answer of what would work best here; this is something that is best worked out with each client individually.

Are sessions confidential?

They sure are. Without your explicit permission, I will not mention to others the content of our sessions or that you are a client of mine.

How much does the coaching cost?

Because different people will have different needs, I prefer to discuss the exact cost of coaching sessions with you individually.


If you are interested in getting more information about coaching or would like to sign up for coaching sessions, please e-mail and put "Life Coaching" in the Subject Line. You can also call Margie at 518-587-8770.

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