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You can add years to your life and life to your years by ordering the timeless back issues of LAUGHING MATTERS magazine. Thousands of people in all 50 states and 20 other countries have applauded this practical and invigorating publication - e.g., Norman Cousins: "Enthusiastic congratulations on LAUGHING MATTERS!" Dr. Laurence Peter (creator of The Peter Principle): "LAUGHING MATTERS is clearly the best periodical on the subject of humor and its uses. If you want more humor in your life, LAUGHING MATTERS is for you."


  • focuses in a light way on the serious implications and applications of humor in your everyday life and work
  • is designed to be an uplifting experience for you- to improve your laugh life and to give the gift of laughter to people you care about
  • is filled with humorous ideas, real-life examples, practical tips, and loads of laughter
  • includes up-close-and-personal interviews with well-known comedians and cartoonists- people like Steve Allen, Charles M. Schulz, Sid Caesar, Dom DeLuise, Lynn Johnston, Cathy Guisewite, Victor Borge, Dave Barry, Mark Russell, Jay Leno, David Hyde Pierce, Bob Newhart, The Capitol Steps, and many more
  • will help you get more smileage out of your life and work (you'll be traveling at least 65 smiles-per-hour with LAUGHING MATTERS)
  • is ideal for gifts, premiums, give-aways to participants in programs, stocking your professional library, light reading for waiting rooms, etc.
You'll find articles and features on subject like:

  • 600 Tips for Adding Humor to Your Life and Work
  • Art Buchwald Looks at M.D.'s (Mirth Doctors)
  • How to Add Humor to Your Organization
  • Aging is Optional: Don't Retire Your Humor
  • Move from "Laughing At" to "Laughing With"
  • Fun at Work: Beyond Job Satisfaction
  • Head First: The Biology of Hope with Norman Cousins
  • Some Days You're the Pigeon, Some Days You're the Statue
  • The Haha!-Ah! Connection: Humor-Based Learning
  • Fun-Liners Jest for You
  • Readers' Di-Jest: Wit and Wisdom from You
  • Mirth in Management

A Sampling of 4 Issues (our choice)
FF-08-06, $10.00

Collector's Set of 20 Back Issues
Special Price! FF-08-07, $39.95

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