We love getting mail-- especially because we receive so much joke mail! Thanks to all the readers who add to our humor repertoire.

"Readers' Di-Jest" is a chance for you to do some networking and nutworking with other subscribers. Feel free to send in your own humorous gems and examples of how you've used humor in your life and work. Once we receive 'em, we'll spread the positive contagion of laughter through "Readers' Di-Jest." Elliott Blauvelt, Sr. from Horseheads, New York has been horsing around with humor for quite a while. He passes along some words of wit and wisdom for our readers: Everyone would like to live a long life, but no one wants to be old.

As we saw in the previous issue of LAUGHING MATTERS, Dave Barry has a legion of alert readers. We are delighted that we also have a loyal alert legion of laugh-lovers. And they start young! Witness this letter from Dr. Julian Ruffin from Columbia, South Carolina:

    During a trip to Sullivan's Island over Labor Day, my six-year-old son Andrew heard a family talking to one another and couldn't understand anything they were saying. He asked his mother what this family was saying, and she informed him that they were speaking Spanish. He was fascinated and began asking my wife and me to teach him some things in Spanish. He continued to listen intently to this family.

    A few minutes later, they all began laughing, and he turned to me and in all seriousness said, "Daddy, they laugh in the same language we do!" I was pleased he had grasped a profound truth, and reminded his old man of this truth again.

Jim Davison from Unionville, Ontario loaded in his memory the following two signs he came across:

  • On the door to a psychiatric ward: "Please do not disturb further."
  • In a department store: "The basement has been moved to the sixth floor."

Colleen Downs from Marshalltown, Iowa was moved to laughter when she came across the following description for an allied health professionals continuing education course:

    TEAMWORK: A FORMULA FOR SUCCESS: This "hands-on" workshop is designed so its participants will heave with tools and resources that will enable them to make a commitment to action!

Heave-ho-ho-ho some humorous ideas and observations to us to share in future issues for "Grin and Share It."

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